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3D Immersion

ARL views 3D Immersion as the perception of being physically present in a non-physical world, in VR or 360-degree, with 3D Glasses or just looking at a screen. That perception is created by exposing a user to images, sound or other stimuli that result in an engrossing environment.

ARL has a long and distinguished history of providing standalone 3D Immersive experiences to the public and industry-trainers, for example the 3D Theatre experience of 'Aoraki, Mt Cook', the Total Control 360 degree air-traffic training simulator, or our VR installation at MOTAT for 'The Innovators' permanent exhibition.
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atasTOTAL CONTROL - ATC Training

motatMOTAT VR - onboard with ETNZ

ARL creates a wide range of VR and 360 degree Immersive applications for various tourism, education, industry training and sports ventures. After the spectacular catamaran racing of the 'Facebook Generation's' America's Cup in 2013, it was clear that onboard 360-degree video could further immerse spectators in the action. We tested our hardware and software throughout the Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series, so that ARL/Virtual Eye was able to provide onboard 360-video online within an hour of a race during the 35th America's Cup 2017 in Bermuda.

ARL can bundle-in 3D Immersive experiences as part of a larger package. When asked by Great Southern Television to produce animations recreating Ruapekapeka Pa for an historical documentary, we also created a 360-degree experience for the Radio New Zealand Website, where the public can explore the Pa and watch videos from 'NZ Wars: The Stories of Ruapekapeka'.

ACWS-testLVACWS 360 TESTING - Chicago 2016

ruapekapekaRUAPEKAPEKA PA - 360 degree Educational

The Sport of Golf has brought several opportunities for ARL's sports division to build 3D Immersive applications in addition to providing Virtual Eye broadcast graphics and ball-tracking - with a wi-fi connection and mobile device, fans can virtually stand on the tee as the players shoot for the silverware.

With our battle-hardened 360-degree kits, we are able to assist New Zealand's adventure tourism operators in advertising their respective experiences with minimal setup and quick turnaround. Shotover Jet takes people on a wild ride through the Shotover River canyons, and now use a 360-degree video as a 'taste of the Shotover Jet thrill'.

SpeedTrialBMW PGA 360 - Teeing off the 14th at Wentworth

Shotover 360SHOTOVER JET 360 - onboard Tourism Operator promotion

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