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ARL graphics can visualize aspects of the Natural World that cannot be seen by eye or camera, be it giants in battle kilometers below sea level or cellular activity in the human body. In 'Search and Destroy', using real data gathered from A digital tag (D-tag,) and working closely with a team of marine biologists to ensure an accurate depiction, ARL created a 5 minute animation showing what a Sperm whale actually does when he leaves the surface, including hunting squid.

In 2007, the largest recorded Colossal Squid specimen was captured by a New Zealand fishing boat off Antarctica. Using the knowledge gained while studying this captured creature, ARL made an animation using stereoscopic 3D technology to immerse the viewer in the world of the Colossal Squid.

In 2003 we created the virtual World of the Whales - a virtual tour that takes visitors to the depths of the Kaikoura Canyon off the coast of New Zealand and puts them face to face with the marine creatures that live in this 2.5 km deep chasm below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

ARL has also provided graphics and sfx for television programmes like 'Human Potential', 'Discovery Channel Adventure Race' and 'The Human Body', using our full 3D Human Body (with detailed skeleton , internal organs, a beating heart, a central nervous system and a comprehensive muscle set) and motion capture technology. your social media marketing partner

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